Sunday, 2 September 2012

Some Facks Ye Shuid Ken Aboot An Independent Scotland

The follaein facks is owerset intae Scots fae the leet pitten oot bi:-
Bein independent wad mean that the Scottish fowk thirsels wad be in chairge o Scotland's oncome. Taen aw thegither, ther naebody cares mair aboot oor ain nation nor oorsels, sae naebody else is gaun tae dae sic a guid job o makin Scotland a success.
Scotland mair nor peys its wey in the UK. Oo get 9.3% o the siller spent bi the UK, but contreibute 9.6% o the UK taxes. Oo're in a stranger financial poseition nor the lave o the UK, tae the tune o £510 for ilka body lest year - thon's ower £1000 for ilka Scottish hoose. As an independent kintrae, aw this siller wad stey in Scotland.
Scotland peys for aw the government services it needs as an independent kintrae areddies - it disnae hiv tae stert fae scratch. Howanever, aw the siller will be spent in Scotland, raither nor London, creatin thoosands o Scottish jobs.
Scotland wad bide as pairt o the EU. EU law disnae allou for Scotland tae be unilaterally kicked oot on independence. An, EU law maks siccar an aw that Scotland cannae be gart tae jyne the Euro.  Oo'll bide on yaisin the £, juist the wey oo dae the noo.
Scotland haes 25% o the EU's affshore wind an tidal scowth. Bi 2020 oor renewable energy cuid be generatin £2 billion a year in exports an bi 2050 oor renewable energy cuid be worth £14 billion a year.
Scotland disnae need ile tae become independent, but oor ile an gas resource is worth ower £1 trillion an gies us a safety net for the oncome. Lest year seen record investment in the North Sea an in October, BP said they expectit North Sea ile an gas tae flow for at least anither 40 year.
The UK government disnae coont in ile an gas whan it speaks aboot Scotland's finances. Howanever, if ye dae coont in ile an gas in oor naitional accoonts, oo wad be the 6th walthiest nation per heid in the warld.
Scotland haes a walth o talent - for oor size oo hiv mair warld-cless univairsities nor ony ither nation an oor research taps warld league tables.
Tae fund oot mair aboot the debate on Scotland's oncome veisit: