Monday, 15 April 2013


Bairns is born an then they maistlins growes up in thair ain faimlies tae they reach maturity. Efter that maist o thaim cleeks up wi a pairtner an finds a hoose o thair ain tae bide thegither in an stert a faimly o thair ain. Coorse, there aye the odd yins oot.  A minority, that for yin raison or anither, chuises tae bide thegither wi thair mithers an faithers.

Nae doot it wad be wrang tae cleek aw this minority o fowk in wi thae uphauders o the “Better Together” campaign, but it wad seem that maist fowk, if gien the chyce whan they growe tae maturity, wad raither gaun for thair ain independence nor tae bide wi thair ain mithers an faithers in adult life.  If this is true for fowk, an oo hiv tae accepp that nations is makit up o muckle groups o fowk cleekit thegither, than shuirlie it maun pynt tae it bein true for nations an aw. The natural chyce for maist mature nations maun shuirlie be independence juist as it is for fowk. An juist as mature fowk an mature nations chuises Independence, this independence disnae mean “separation” in ony wey.

If “Better Thegither” disnae apply tae mature fowk than shuirlie it disnae apply tae mature nations aither. Whan Maister Darling threips that Scotland is “Better Together” daes thon mean that he thinks Scotland is immature an hisnae growed up intae adultheid eneuch yet? Daes he mean that mature adult couples settin up hames independent fae thair parents is “separatin” thirsels fae thair mithers an faithers?
A see noo that the Royal Bank O Scotland haes come oot sayin "YES" tae personal independence bi eggin on young mairriet couples tae get independent o thair mithers an faithers an set up independent hooses o thair ain.                                                             See:-  
Shairly whit's guid for individual couples is guid for the kintry itsel! Sae, whit wey shuid oo no aw follae the thochts o the RBS an say YES tae oor independence as weel?
Onywey, mind an keep on takin the tartan taiblets an vote Aye (Yes) in the Referendum.