Thursday 17 April 2014

A Fresh Lick O Pent!


It's a guid wee while noo syne the ootside o ma hoose haes haed its pentin freshend up but A thocht that noo wis as guid a time as ony wi sae muckle ongauns comin up in oor kintry this year. A'm no yin for blawin things or hooses up an mindin fowk aboot thon nine-eleeven stramash sae whit better wey o daein things nor giein awthin a fresh lick o pent? Sae thare A went an got a firm cried Murrayfield Decor tae come an dae aw the ootside pent wark on baith the hoose an the garage. An a braw guid job they did o it an aw.

As ye can see, they makit a richt braw job o pentin the garage door wi oor ain flag, the Scottish Saltire. Mind you, thare haes been a Saltire on thon door syne the lest time it wis pentit but thon wis afore the Scottish Government specified the richt shade o blue tae be yaised for the Saltire sae, the blue on the auld yin wis a lot darker an mair liker tae navy blue.

A dinnae ken if it's true or no, but A've heard tell that whan the oreeginal union flags wis first yaised bi the Navy ships they fund oot that the blue o the Saltire fadit awa ower quick sae they stertit tae yaise a darker shade o blue that got cried Navy Blue. Suin efter thon, maist o the Saltires wis brocht oot wi the darker blue an aw. 

It maun noo be aroond ten year syne, that the Scottish Pairlament laid doon an specified that the blue backgrund o the Saltire flag shuid be Pantone 300 an thon wis the colour yaised on ma garage door. It looks braw bonny in the abuin fotie an micht look e'en mair bonnie gin eneuch fowk votes the richt wey at the back end o the year.